Nxtgen Care helping clients manage COVID-19 risks.

Nxtgen Care helping clients manage COVID-19 risks.


Nxtgen Care is leading a Revolution in Seniors Care. Leveraging the cutting-edge technology of its business intelligence and analytics platform, Nxtgen Care is helping seniors care operators take an innovative response to manage viruses and diseases.

Yesterday, COVID-19 was classified as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. This virus has become a big issue for societies in many nations and the risks to the elderly are of particular concern.

With these growing concerns, Nxtgen Care has swiftly responded with the launch of a NEW proprietary Infection Prevention & Control feature.  This new feature provides real-time monitoring of key metrics related to resident well-being.  The outcomes include modeling trends and identifying patterns of behavior that could indicate a resident is potentially at risk of infection.

“Our flagship Care Scorecard and Resident M-Factor work in tandem to measure all aspects of seniors care,” said David Burke, CEO, Nxtgen Care. “Building on these digital health products, we can model and predict signs of possible infection in seniors to increase vigilance in the event someone contracts a contagious illness.”

Worldwide, governments are asking citizens to limit non-medical visits to assisted living facilities and nursing homes. In addition to providing operators unparalleled business intelligence, Nxtgen Care also offers families real-time access to the daily activity and care levels of their loved ones. While this is a valuable 24/7 communication tool, it is especially helpful in the context of managing a virus or disease instance.

Seniors care operators using Nxtgen Care outfit all staff and residents with a connected wearable bracelet measuring all person-to-person interactions – another pivotal metric in managing viruses and diseases.  With access to this powerful information, Nxtgen Care is fast-tracking the introduction of a Quarantine Control feature, activating an in-resident trial this week.

For more information, contact David Burke, Founder | CEO, Nxtgen Care: david@nxtgencare.com