Certified Care Community

Certifying your commitment to enhancing care.

Show residents and families that you are committed to delivering enhanced care as Certified Care Community powered by Nxtgen Care technology.

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As a Nxtgen Care client, showcase how you use cutting-edge technology in combination with establishing care goals to measure the meaningfulness of care.

The Certified Care Community helps you promote a commitment to transparency and accountability for your residents and their families to provide best-in-class care.


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Differentiate as a technology leader

It’s all about demonstrating your accountability to residents and their families.  As a Certified Care Community, stand out from your competition and promote your commitment to providing a wide range of enhanced care including:

Infection Prevention and Control – effective contact tracing and isolation

Decrease wait times for residents to receive care

Increase meaningful engagements

Reduce loneliness and isolation

Better informed and connected families

Certified Nxtgen Care Community logo

Turnkey Marketing Program

As a Nxtgen Care Client, you’ve made an investment in technology that positions you as a leader in providing enhanced care for your residents.  Now, let your customers know with marketing resources that will set you apart from your competition.

Badge your facilities as a Certified Nxtgen Care Community.

Website marketing content written for your resident and family audience.

Certified Care Community co-branded collateral helps support in-person selling.

Why Nxtgen Care

Deliver better quality of care through greater accountability.

As a Senior Living Facility, use the incredible power of Nxtgen Care to increases meaningful engagement and reduces the negative effects of loneliness for your residents.

Nxtgen Care Partners

Unlock new revenue streams and grow your business.

Propel your business to greater success by partnering with Nxtgen Care to bring cutting edge technology to your clients in the seniors care industry.