Resident M-Factor

It takes a community to care for seniors.

Are you providing meaningful care? Our innovative Nxtgen Care M-FactorTM helps operators of senior care communities and families measure & monitor elder care, health and well-being of their residents.

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A window into the life of mom or dad.

Research proves that actively engaged seniors are healthier and happier. Our proprietary M-Factor uses smart data to measure the meaningfulness of resident engagement with staff, activities, and friendships.

All factors of health and well being are consolidated in the resident’s total M-Factor Score, to proactively gauge residents’ daily status at a glance.

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Transparency helps you partner with families.

Families are a key stakeholder for successful operations and meaningful care. The M-Factor helps you showcase the quality of care you provide, allowing you to work together with families to improve resident well-being.

Nxtgen Care clients have seen measurable results in care delivery that form the basis for an enhanced partnership with families.

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Private, safe and secure.

Families, staff and management have real-time access to a dashboard of smart data for each resident. Feel confident that all the data provided is private safe and secure.

Each resident’s M-Factor is 100% private, with controlled access anytime and anywhere through a personalized mobile-friendly app.

The thing I like most is the fact that whatever my mother is doing during the day, I can go on my phone and see if she has been to meals, to entertainment or needed assistance. Before Nxtgen Care I couldn’t do that.

Daughter of a Ridgewood Resident

Community M-Factor

You can only manage and change what you can measure.

Establish and measure key care goals across your entire organization. Access unprecedented insights to gain efficiencies while enhancing care levels.

Staff M-Factor

Monitor staff performance like never before.

With Nxtgen Care Staff M-Factor, reward your best performers and identify coaching opportunities to enhance care.