Meaningful Engagement adds purpose and longevity

Everyone deserves to live a full and meaningful life, especially as we age. Nxtgen Care connects people. We provide unprecedented healthcare and business intelligence to increase meaningful engagement, enhance care and drive operational efficiencies.

5 Ways to Reduce Loneliness and Enhance Well-Being

Millions of older adults live their lives void of meaningful social engagement. They’re lonely! This is a brief 3-page article with insights on how to crush loneliness and enhance well-being.

Best Practices for Infection, Prevention and Control

Our efforts to prevent and control COVID-19 need to focus on preventing people from infecting and being infected. This is a brief 2-page article highlighting 4 actions senior living facilities should take to improve their response to COVID-19.

Whitepaper: Pioneering Quality Through Technology to Improve Senior Care

Asking for help and receiving it in a timely manner seems like a small ask. However, seniors living in care often wait much longer than we think for even the simplest task. Further, most operators and owners don’t know how long their residents are waiting for care or other services. Request a report copy today.

Case Studies: Ridgewood

After an initial pilot, Ridgewood Assisted Living signed a licensing agreement for the innovative Nxtgen Care software solution April 2017. Nxtgen Care proved its value by delivering a range of benefits for staff, residents and their families.


Data analytics verified by evidence-based best practice. Use the incredible power of Nxtgen Care to build a community of care connecting families, residents, front line staff and management.

Webinars: Seeing is Believing

On a regular basis, our Nxtgen Care Team hosts webinars on a range of topics of interest to operators of senior care communities.  Sign up for future webinars.