Senior Living Communities

Revolutionary Healthcare Intelligence.

Use the power of  Nxtgen Care to set care Goals, measure Performance, provide Transparency and Accountability of care to enhance overall Wellness.

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senior care staff with a female resident

Proven Outcomes to enhance care and improve your operations

See how senior living facilities are harnessing the power of Nxtgen Care to achieve positive outcomes.

  • Residents Wait Less

    66% decrease in staff-to-resident response time.

  • More Meaningful Engagements

    32% increase in resident staff & social engagements

  • Families More Informed

    63% decrease for inbound family calls and inquires.

  • Reduce Costs

    12% decrease in overall operating expenses.

Deliver better quality of care through greater accountability

Establish care goals and get the healthcare and business intelligence you need to measure performance.

Cindy Stancil, Vice President, Liberty Senior Living

Fully integrated, customized solution that benefits all your care stakeholders

Light powered, room sensors work in tandem with social bracelets worn by staff and residents to provide a backbone of real-time data.

  • Residents

    Measure residents’ daily activities with our innovative M-Factor – summarizing their safety, well-being and the meaningfulness of care they receive.

  • Resident Families

    They get a smart and secure app that keeps them informed about their loved one’s daily activities and care – providing greater peace of mind.

  • Owner / Operators

    A single healthcare and business intelligence dashboard measuring key aspects of care throughout all your facilities.

  • Administrators

    With healthcare intelligence at their fingertips, administrators are empowered to enhance care for their residents and optimize staff performance.

  • Care Staff

    Your front-line staff can work smarter than ever before, helping them optimize workflow and enhance care levels.

seniors resident holding a cane

Location aware, non-demand sensors.

All residents and front-line staff are outfitted with a wearable social bracelet – we like to call it a liveable.

Our Nxtgen Care Liveable works in tandem with easy to install, solar-powered, wall-mounted sensors to gather data on resident and staff movement & engagements.

laptop with charts

Intelligent insights tailored for each stakeholder.

Our revolutionary healthcare and business intelligence will shed new light on your operations.

With a resident centric approach, your staff will be empowered to focus on preventative care, spending less time on tedious time-consuming paperwork and repetitive tasks.

nxtgen care mobile app

Secure and private access – anywhere, anytime.

Each of your stakeholders will gain access to a smart, secure app displaying valuable insight just for them.

The app comes in both desktop and smartphone views, providing secure access to private information.

Certifying your Commitment to Enhancing Care

Certified Nxtgen Care Community Logo

As a Nxtgen Care client, showcase how you use cutting-edge technology in combination with establishing care goals to measure the meaningfulness of care.

The Certified Care Community program helps you promote a commitment to transparency and accountability for your residents and their families to provide best-in-class care.