Staff M-Factor

Measure and reward staff performance.

Monitor staff performance like never before with Nxtgen Care Staff M-FactorTM. Reward your best performers and identify coaching opportunities to enhance care.


Nxtgen Care Staff M-Factor care team
Nxtgen Care Staff M-Factor mobile app in the hand of a care worker

Measure staff performance with real-time data.

Tailor your Staff M-Factor to specific care roles and responsibilities. Establish and share care goals to help promote cross-functional teamwork throughout your care facilities.

The Nxtgen Care Mobile App gives care staff real-time feedback on their performance versus care goals.

frontline care employee congratulated by her manager

Insights help you reward and retain your best people.

Measure care delivery against established Care Goals at an enterprise, facility, and staff level. Use data to identify your top performers so you can take proactive steps to reward them and increase retention.

Real-time staff performance data empowers facility managers. Identify coaching opportunities to enhance resident care.

frontline care employee looking at her smartphone

Improve staff satisfaction and recruitment.

The easy-to-use Nxtgen Care App makes staff lives better, putting unparallel care insights in their pocket. Staff perform daily tasks more efficiently, leading to enhanced care and greater job satisfaction.

Access to up-to-date Care and ADL Profiles anywhere, anytime. Set and use notifications to help facility managers establish more efficient care workflows.

Staff M-Factor Desktop & Mobile App

Do more with less.

Managing staff shortages is a challenge for most operators of senior care communities. With Staff M-Factor, use technology to share care group responsibilities and increase staff-level productivity.

Real-time data sheds light on tangible opportunities to achieve more efficient delivery of care – a top priority for operators of senior care communities.

Being able to reward our best performers while identifying coaching opportunities to improve care has been invaluable.

Lindsay French, Executive Director, Kempton of Charleston Lindsay French
Executive Director, Kempton of Charleston

Resident M-Factor

It takes a community to care for seniors.

Are you providing meaningful care? Our innovative M-Factor helps care operators measure and monitor the health and well-being of their residents.

Enterprise Care Scorecard

A new standard of excellence in care delivery.

Monitor and measure performance across all your facilities. Access unprecedented healthcare and business intelligence to optimize your operations.