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Worried about your loved one living alone?

Nxtgen Care’s Internet of CareTM (IoC) can provide you with Peace of Mind.

It takes a Connected Community to take care of a senior.

Whether its family, friends or healthcare professionals the Internet of CareTM (IoC) provides access to a secure customized dashboard.

The people who matter the most will know how a loved one’s day, week or month is going! The support needed to allow seniors to LIVE their BEST life at Home!

Our M-Factor provides insights into the Well-Being of your loved one.

All factors of health and well-being are consolidated in your loved one’s total M-Factor Score, to proactively gauge their daily status at a glance. Some key features of the M-Factor include..,

  • Activity Levels
  • Requests for Assistance
  • Engagement
  • Proactive Insights/Alerts
  • Location Insights
  • Fall Detection
  • Risk of Loneliness

Whether you are around the corner or across the country you will have Peace of Mind.