Nxtgen Care Client Spotlight: Loralee Wettlaufer

Nxtgen Care Client Spotlight: Loralee Wettlaufer


Tell us a bit about yourself and your roles in the Senior Care industry?

I’ve been in the senior care industry for 10 years. I started out managing Bonaventure Retirement Home, was an Executive Director of Revera Inc. and currently serve as the Director of Operations for Fort Amherst Health Care Services and General Manager of Bishops Gardens. My background is in finance but once in senior care I never looked back!

If you were to recommend Nxtgen Care to another community, what would you say?

First and foremost, we love being partners with a company who also wants to be the best in the senior care industry. We love some key features like Live Positions and of course the real time metrics that power our Care Scorecard.

It’s been a partnership with Nxtgen as we have grown together. One example that showcases our partnership was being able to work together to customize the Nxtgen Care platform to meet our requirements for our newly launched Adult Day Program.

Lastly, the team at Nxtgen is constantly innovating and rolling out new products enhancing the platform to evolve with the ever-changing needs of the senior care industry.

What is your favorite new Nxtgen feature?

  • Live Positions: Our care facilities are three stories high and Live Positions saves so much unnecessary running around looking for staff and residents.
  • Incident Management: Awesome when addressing concerns and complaints or acknowledging great service by our amazing care staff.
  • Scheduled Checks: Moving away from paper to an automated solution for regular checks throughout the day and night has been great.

What is one problem that you had that the Nxtgen Care platform has solved or improved?

One issue Nxtgen has greatly improved for us is the risk for Elopement and Leaving Apartment. These feature alerts have been a huge help for us in keeping our residents safe.

How has your customer service experience been?

Nxtgen Care’s customer service is definitely in the top tier of the companies we deal with. No complaints at all.

The team always responds quickly…even during off hours! We have never been unable to reach a Nxtgen team member to receive support when required and we have always been kept in the loop when it comes to changes and any scheduled downtime.


We are privileged to work with operators like Loralee to create the new Standard of Care for Seniors Worldwide! Thank you Loralee for taking the time to talk with us and for being a Nxtgen Care Rockstar!

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